Factors That Influence Your Winnings

Influence Your Winnings

The sole goal of going into betting is to make profits while experiencing minimal losses. Irrespective of the sport you are betting on, you place your stakes intending to win. Besides, if your loss rate is far greater than your win rate, you are clearly doing something wrong. 

Sports betting is all about the odds because they determine how high your profit will be after staking your money. These odds are also known to change significantly because bookies closely monitor them. As a result, understanding the odds is a skill every bettor should possess because failing to do so can lead to losses.



Money and odds are major factors that determine the level of profit you make, and online betting, like most things, revolves around money. The general consensus among bettors is that you have to spend big to win big. 

The money deposited in your account after getting your IviBet login details is what you use to play the odds. Furthermore, the odds work on a multiplier basis, so any amount you bet with is multiplied by the odd value. Hence, low stakes usually result in lower profits. Additionally, you should only bet what you’re willing to lose when you gamble. Know your limit at all times.

Form of the Team

In sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, it is a fact that form plays a significant role in determining the attached odds. When a team with quality players plays a team in form, the latter usually prevails.

Some teams might be stronger in their homes and weaker in away games, and vice versa. So factors like these can affect the values of the odds rolled out by the bookie. 

Players Available for the Game

Players Available for the Game

Since most betting sports are team sports, each participant must contribute. If a team’s driving factor is not there, the chances may drop, and conditions like injuries or illness to a particular player can limit your profit level. 

Aside from the players in the game, the quality of the substitute players also matters. Good changes can change the tide of a game, so if there are poor substitute players, the odds change. 


Poor weather conditions can affect the odds and impact the outcome of a game. For instance, if two teams are competing and one of them is used to playing its home games in hot temperatures while the other is not. The bookmaker would likely increase the odds in favor of the home team. 

Fixture Congestion 

If a team has successive matches in a short period, their performance always takes a slight dip. When fatigue begins to set in, the team’s strength and drive reduce. Hence, the odds of them winning slowly reduces. Therefore, this proves how it is important to do thorough research before betting.

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