The filming locations of James Bond’s Casino Royale

filming locations

Casino Royale” marked the birth of James Bond and boosted traffic to Hellspin Casino. It was under this title that British author Ian Fleming published the first volume of his series of novels about the secret agent 007 in 1953. The work was filmed for the big screen just one year later. In 2006, the brilliant remake was released, starring new Bond actor Daniel Craig. The filming locations for James Bond’s “Casino Royale” cut just as fine a figure as the leading actor. 



1. paradise James Bond filming locations in the Bahamas

The Bahamas – what a dreamlike setting the film crew chose as the location for James Bond’s “Casino Royale”. Among other places, the film was shot on Paradise Island – and as the name suggests, it really is paradise.

In the film, the secret agent spends the night in the 5-star hotel One and Only Ocean Club, where he meets Dimitrios and his wife Solange. The luxury hotel has a stunning location overlooking the sea and a large adjacent golf course.

If you want to stay at this James Bond filming location, however, you’ll have to dig pretty deep into your pocket.

No less luxurious is Albany House, located on New Providence Island and home to Dimitrios in the movie. This resort is truly not for the faint of wallet either, but it’s worth a look.

2. the filming locations of James Bond’s “Casino Royale” in the Czech Republic

From the Bahamas, the setting in the film changes to Miami, where the famous “Body Worlds” exhibition by Gunther von Hagens plays a major role. But in reality the actors were not in a museum in Miami at all, because for these scenes of James Bond’s “Casino Royale” the military museum in Prague was used as a filming location. You can also visit this museum during a city trip to Prague. By the way, the entrance is free!

The Prague Ministry of Transport was chosen for the exterior shots of the film, which you can also visit during a tour of the Czech capital.

The filming locations of James Bond’s “Casino Royale” also include the magnificent Grandhotel Pupp in the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary, which in the film is the Hotel Splendide in Montenegro, where the casino scenes take place.

The noble Grandhotel Pupp is a real feast for the eyes, both from the inside and the outside, and you should not miss it if you are planning a trip to Karlovy Vary.



Casino Royale was further considered for the following awards:

  • British Academy Film Awards 2007: award in the “Best Sound” category, with a further seven nominations (“Best Actor in a Leading Role”, “Best Adapted Screenplay”, “Best Score”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Production Design”, “Best Editing” and “Best Visual Effects”).
  • Jupiter 2007 of Cinema as “Best Film International
  • Taurus World Stunt Awards 2007 for “Best Stunt Coordinator” and “Best Stunt at Altitude
  • Saturn Award 2007 in the category “Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film”, four further nominations, including Daniel Craig as “Best Actor
  • Satellite Awards 2006: Award for the theme song You Know My Name by Chris Cornell
  • DVD Champion 2007 in the “Audience Award” category
  • Evening Standard British Film Awards 2007 and Empire Awards 2007 for Daniel Craig as “Best Actor”

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